Someone once asked me: What’s your philosophy on life?

I thought about it and said: Do good work, treat people with dignity and be in the moment.

I put this philosophy into the work that I do for clients.

IntentPR’s work is communication – developing clean, clear, uncluttered messages – delivered through the right channels. Under the umbrella of communication, IntentPR provides strategic counsel and deliverables in public relations, marketing, event and project management, and writing and publishing.

My name is Molly Klimas, and I own IntentPR. I’ve been serving clients since 1990. I’m an Accredited Public Relations practitioner who helps clients to manage internal and external communications through strategic planning, execution and measurement. My full resume, client list and more are on my LinkedIn site. Here’s the Intent Public Relations video. A collection of print-collateral work for clients is found on my Issuu site. A collection of my books and photography is at MollyKlimas.com.