Public Relations

I have a simple philosophy about public relations: It’s first about listening and planning, and then it’s about telling your story, in order to build good relationships.

Public relations is first about listening …

… to what others are saying about you – in newspapers, on the Web, in group settings, and one on one. It’s about accepting good feedback. It’s about using this information to properly plan – to set targeted goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, budgets and implementation timelines that will become the foundation for good relationships.

And then, it’s about telling your story.

Your story may be fantastic news, a product launch, a new program, or a promotion, to name just a few examples. Telling your story can help to build awareness, support, sales. Your employees, customers, peers, and the community are among the potential audiences who will want to hear what you have to say. Your news can be published in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and books. It can be packaged and posted online. It can be presented it at events and conferences. It can be broadcast on television, radio and the Internet.

Exactly where, when, and to whom should you tell your story? I’ll help you.